100mm Brackets for Screen Lift Wall Mount
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Price: £ 40.00 each (ex VAT)

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Product Details:

Width: 40 mm
Length: 80 mm
Height: 100 mm
Brand: LoxitLoxit


The Loxit 8959 100mm deep brackets for the Screen Lift LED/LCD Wall Mount.

Suitable for both electric (8961) and fixed height (8990 and 8997) versions.

Designed to be fixed directly to a wall or the Easy Install Kit (8977) as shown.

The brackets hold the LED/LCD Wall Mount Legs off the wall by 100mm.

When used with 8961 and 8997 this gives 80mm clearance between the motor box and the wall.

When used with Fixed Height Solutions 8990, this gives 100mm clearance between the motor box and the wall.

Fits in exactly the same way as the standard 40mm wall brackets for the LED/LCD Wall Mount but provides an overall clearance of 100mm.

Can be fixed directly to the wall, or to the Easy Install Kit 8977 as shown.

Constructed from steel.

Kit includes:
4 male brackets (fit to wall or Loxit's Easy Install Kit)
4 female brackets (fit to wall mount vertical leg, 16 x fixings supplied)
8nr M8 x 16 button head screws supplied if using Loxit's Easy Install Kit.

Note: If installing Fixed Height LED/LCD Wall Mount and not using Loxit's Easy Install Kit, the user must source their own suitable fixing for the surface it is being mounted to.

If installing the Electric Height Adjustable Screen Lift 750 LED/LCD Wall Mount, Loxit's Easy Install Kit must be used.

Powder coated white.

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