Hidden TV Lifts Supplies to European Countries

Hidden TV Lifts in Europe

While the whole country is busy talking about BREXIT and how it will ruin our economy and trade with the rest of Europe we've moved ahead with supplying our products across the EU due to increased demand.

Following the launch of our revamped website last July which added the ablity for UK customers to buy online we have had an increasing number of requests from customers across the EU to give them the ability to buy online too. So we are now proud to announce that we have added European shipping and the ability for most EU countries to order online and pay either by PayPal or over the phone. 

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Rocburn add Loxit Screen Lifts to their range

At Rocburn we are constantly adding new products to our range and we are delighted to add the loxit range of TV lifts, mounts and stands to our catalogue.

Founded in 1996, Loxit design and manufacture security and mounting products for the ICT and AV Industries. Operating nationally and internationally, they have supplied quality products into all areas of the public and private sectors and have an enviable reputation for high quality, safety and security, with all products designed with the end user and the installer in mind.

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