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How can I operate my tv lift with a home automation system?

Venset TV Lift and Home Automation

Are you looking to connect your Venset TV lift to your home automation system?

Would you like to be able to control your TV lifting mechisim automatically from your existing set-up?

Our Venset TV lifts are compatible with many popular automation systems as standard and our guide can tell you how to adjust the setting on the remote system to get them working.

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Freestanding TV Lift Cabinet for Behind a Sofa

TV Lift behind a sofa

Would you like to install a TV lift in your home but not quite sure it it would be possiable? Our team of experts can help.

Recently a customer came to us with a problem, he really wanted a hidden TV lift cabinet behind his sofa. He had minimal space and so the unit couldn't be deep enough to be stable when the TV was raised and it couldn't be secured to a wall because the sofa in question was situated in the middle of his living room.

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Various Venset Hidden TV Lifts in Action

Hidden TV Cabinet Idea

OK so you are thinking about building your TV into a cabinet or hiding it behind a picture, but what does a TV lift look like in action?

We have gathered some fine example videos of built in hidden tv's using a lift mechanisms from Venset & Loxit including the ever popular TS700A and the TS1000A. Have a look at them and hopefully they will inspire you to come up with the perfect idea for your room.

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Ideas for Built in or Hidden TV Lift Cabinets

Hidden TV Cabinet Idea

TV's come in a varity of sizes, cabients come in a range of styles & finshes, rooms... well the possibilities are endless. So where do you start when your thinking about hidding your tv in a cabinet?

We have gathered some fine examples of built in hidden tv's using a lift mechanism. Have a look at them and hopefully they will inspire you to come up with the perfect idea for your room.

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How to Build a Hidden TV Cabinet

Hidden TV Bed

A television can be an eyesore, too much the central focus of a room or detract from the design of your home.

Does that describes you, or how you feel about your the TV in your living room or bedroom, or do you simply want to regain some space? Well then building your TV into a cabinet might be the answer.

For a long time ‘Hidden TVs’ that would slide up out of a cabinet or down from the ceiling at the touch of a button were seen on shows like MTV Cribs in millionaires mansions and were considered an exclusive item of the rich and famous, but not any more.

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What is VESA and how to I know what it is on my TV or screen?

VESA Standard Hole Sizes - Hidden TV Lift

All of our TV Lifts, Stands and Mounts are VESA compliant as standard.

That means they will fit the vast majority of Flat Screen TVs out there! We always recommend that you check the VESA size on your TV before ordering to be certain of compatibility so please consult the your TV product manual to ensure VESA compliance. You can also measure the VESA holes on the back of your screen as shown below to work out the VESA standard size you need.

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Choosing the right lift for your project

Choosing the right TV Lift

Insuring you get the right TV lift, stand or mount for your needs is very important. There are several factors to consider and this guide should help you to understand them but if you do have any questions our team is here to help. Simply contact us and we'll take you through it. We have also prepared this guide to give you some guidance. 

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